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We feel that it is important that you understand our pricing.  We value the health of our dogs and place countless amounts of time and energy in raising the healthiest and best socialized puppies you can find.   Our dogs are family pets and companions, not just breeding dogs.    First, we do extensive amounts of testing on our adult dogs. Beginning with OFA clearances and certifications for hips, elbows, heart, patellas and eyes.  Finishing with DNA testing for PRA-prcd, and vWd.  We also provide microchips, registrations, vaccinations, and examinations performed by a veterinarian on your puppy before coming home.  Raising puppies is hard work.   The amount of time we put into our dogs and their puppies is not even reflected in our prices. We spend countless hours educating ourselves with the most up-to-date information on breeding, whelping, and raising our poodles, in addition to the endless clean up hours. Did I mention that raising healthy puppies is hard work?


There are back-yard breeders and puppy mills that will produce the same type of dog as ours, for a significantly less cost to you.  Just keep in mind that a puppy that you receive from a puppy mill, will keep them in business and will contribute to the degradation of the poodle's overall health. They are inbreeding, not testing for inheritable diseases, and keeping puppies and adults in deplorable conditions.  Their adult dogs suffer a miserable life  as they continue to produce puppies until well over their retirement age. Many spend their entire life living in filthy cages. 


We are not your average breeder.  We have worked hard to have healthy, happy, and socialized poodle pups.  Our puppies will have Puppy Culture early neurological stimulation, critical socialization, and desensitization training sessions. We temperament test our puppies at 49 days old using much of the  Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test as well as some testing from Avidog and from there our puppy picks will begin.  


We have a solid 2 year health guarantee that we will extend to 4 years with the continual use of NuVet. We offer continual support throughout your dog's life and we have a return policy in our contract.  If for any reason, you cannot keep your beloved poodle, we readily and willingly will be glad to welcome one of ours back.  This return policy does not mean we will refund you, but it does mean if you cannot take care of one of our dogs, we are here as a safe place for your poodle. Life happens and since we brought a life into this world, we are here for him/her for his/her lifetime.

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