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MALE VS FEMALE: What's the difference?

Many people believe that a female dog makes a better pet....Why? What is the difference between a female dog and a male dog? Here are a few things that you may want to consider before deciding on which sex of poodle you would like to purchase as your new companion.

In general, males are usually more exuberant, attentive, and affectionate. They crave their owner's attention and become very attached to "their people". Males are usually more tolerant, have a more reliable temperament, and are noticeably less moody. He will have a "typical" male trait in that he is food motivated. He is easy to train but can be easily distracted from the task at hand, because play is his main idea of fun. Puppyhood is never far away from him. Males have a strong desire to play and act silly well into their senior years.

Testosterone levels in a male dog can create unwanted behavior. These behaviors include humping, trembling, marking, whinning, and roaming. However, these issues are easily fixed by having your male puppy neutered between 8 weeks and 6 months. A neutered male is a happy boy.

The female is quite a different story. If a fight breaks out, it is typically between two females and this is the case whether they are spayed or not. The dominant female in a dog pack usually calls the shots, will determine the pecking order, and generally will compete to maintain the order or alter the order.

Unspayed females also have a "heat" period which makes her much more prone to mood swings. Heat a 3 week period that causes chaos to her owners if she is not spayed. This is a moody and emotional time for your female dog. One day she will be sweet and affectionate the next day she is withdrawn or even grumpy. Having your female spayed can combat some of these issues but there are still times where she can have a flux of estrogen and she will have mood swings.

As a female dog ages, she becomes reserved. You can compare this to the dignified way an older lady carries herself. She doesn't maintain that puppy like quality that the males seem to keep. She can even become quite sassy as she ages when asked to do something she would rather not do anymore. In comparison to males, females are fickle affection seekers. She will seek your affection one day and the next day she may act aloof and uninterested.

In conclusion, males are generally more laid back, less driven, more affectionate, and consistent in temperament while females are generally more reserved, moody (if not spayed or as she ages), and independent. Although there are some differences in the sexes, each dog has it's own unique temperament and personality.

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