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But the Children Love the Puppies...

Children should always be gentle when handling a small dog especially a toy poodle. Toys are not sturdy. They are fragile and can be easily injured. For the safety of both the child and the dog, it is never a good idea to leave a young child alone with a dog.

A factor that needs to be kept in mind, when choosing a poodle for a child, is the temperament of the child who is going to be with the dog. Boisterous children should not intermingle with a small dog such as a toy poodle. Most toys can outplay the most active child. And though the toy poodle has several qualities for this type of child, it lacks the most important one, sturdiness. A boisterous child and a toy poodle should never be in the same family. Toys cannot take all the rough-housing it might be subjected with this type of child.

If a child is energetic yet gentle, the toy poodle you choose should be lively, animated, and patient. This personality in a toy will have the stamina to outlast the most energetic child. Children who have a quiet nature, will be more suitable for a toy that has a gentle, calm, affectionate, and sensitive personality.

It is also good to have a dog that is easily trainable, so that it can be trained to behave properly with children. Toy poodles are easily trained and learn quickly. Training your child as well as your poodle will ensure that the child is safe with the dog and the dog is safe with the child.

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