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Prim Rose of Pear Tree Rd


This is Rose.  Rose is sweet and lovable.  She is super smart.  She lives in a guardian home with a teenage girl.  She lives to please.  Rose has a fun loving, spunky, and humorous big personality!  She loves to play and her best friend beside her human companions is a goldendoodle named Kizzy.  She loves all people, all animals, and life. She has nice long leg and a deep chest,a very put together dog.  Her mother is Kamille and her father is Louis.  She will be added to our breeding program sometime this year. We are excited to see the puppies that will come from paring her with Sully.

High Soaring Sully of Pear Tree Rd


Meet Sully.  He is a character!  He loves socks.  He is quite obsessed with them.  In our home if a sock comes up missing we know that Sully has probably had a hand in it.  He is a very loving and attentive companion.  He enjoys being the center of attention and enjoys his cuddle time.  He is a faithful and devoted friend.  He loves to play with his toys and will spend endless hours playing fetch.  We are very happy to be adding him to our breeding program.  

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