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Prim Rose of Pear Tree Rd


This is Penni.  Penni is sweet and lovable.  She is super smart., loving, discerning and loyal.  She has a lot of energy, but she desires to cuddle up and be snuggled more than anything else in the world. She is a velcro dog for certain!

High Soaring Sully of Pear Tree Rd


Meet Sully.  He is a character!  He loves socks.  He is quite obsessed with them.  In our home if a sock comes up missing we know that Sully has probably had a hand in it.  He is a very loving and attentive companion.  He enjoys being the center of attention and enjoys his cuddle time.  He is a faithful and devoted friend.  He loves to play with his toys and will spend endless hours playing fetch.  We are very happy to be adding him to our breeding program.  

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