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1. What makes a poodle from Pear Tree Poodles different from other poodle  breeders?

Our puppies are bred for pure love of the breed.  Each puppy that you receive from us will be well socialized, healthy, and treated as a family member.  They are full of energy, highly intelligent, social, and have a strong desire to be with "their" people.  Our puppies have the best care before and after they are born.  Prior to birth, our mothers are given probiotics and folic acid to ensure healthy pups. Our puppies are well socialized as they develop mentally and physically.  Volhard Puppy Aptitude Tests are given to each puppy at 49 days of age to determine their temperament.

2. What type of health clearances do you have?

We have our poodles are checked annually by a board certified ophthalmologist and have had normal results. They have OFA certificates for their eyes, knees, hips and elbows .  They have been DNA tested and cleared for the following: GR - PRA1, GR - PRA2, vWD1, NEwS, DM, and Ich. Please see each individual dog for further details. Our poodles have also been DNA tested for osteochondrodysplasia (normal). Our poodles have been tested and cleared from PRA- prd -

vWD1, NEwS, and DM (normal/normal) 


3. Can we come to see your dogs and visit your home?

YES! This is a very commonly asked question that is asked of breeders.  Our doors are open to you and you are always welcome to visit our home. We simply ask that you make an appointment out of courtesy before coming to visit.  The answers that are given by other breeders quite frankly are shocking. Many breeders refuse for you to visit their homes or kennels until the puppies are ready for pick up. By that time the buyer has already committed emotionally and financially to that breeder. We understand that parvo and distemper are a very serious threat. On the other hand, simple precautions can be made to eliminate the threat. First, we ask that if you choose to visit us, please do not visit another kennel before hand. Also, please try to stay away from any unfamiliar dog just in case they have any diseases.  We look forward to meeting you and desire to create a long lasting friendship with you.


4. Do you ship your puppies?

We do ship our puppies, but we prefer not to do it. When we do ship them we prefer to use United Pet Safe. However there are times we will ship through other airlines. If due to your location, it would benefit our puppy (less travel time, direct flight etc.), we will chose another carrier. You will be responsible for the airline shipping (roughly $300 - $400), required health certificate ($70.00) and airline crate (roughly $90.00). We will also transport throughout the Southeast by car at your expense. We will charge $150.00 plus the cost of gas. All traveling expenses will be the purchaser's responsibility. 

5.What types of shots and tests are given to each puppy?

Each puppy is wormed bi weekly beginning at 2 weeks of age. At 6 weeks each puppy is given their "puppy shot." The puppy shot will protect against distemper, adenovirus type 1 and 2, parainfluenza, and parvo. They are also given a microchip unless a new owner declines it prior to 7 weeks old. At 49 days of age, each puppy is given a Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. If a puppy stays with us for an extended period of time, we will continue to give booster shots on the recommended AAHA schedule.

6. What kind of puppy food do you feed your puppies?

We have chosen Victor High Pro Plus Formula for Active Dogs and Puppies. Victor's High Pro Plus formula has received a 5 star rating. Victor is located in select stores throughout the US. Please visit to find a dealer near you. What we put into our dogs is as important as what we put in ourselves. For this reason, we have taken seriously what puppy food is best for our puppies. Every buyer will receive a small sample of their puppy food. If you do decide to change their food, it is recommended that you do it gradually by mixing new and old together.  Puppies experience digestion issues when switching foods so a slow and gradual approach is best. We also recommend that new owners wait at least two weeks after bringing their new puppy home before switching foods  

7. When is the earliest we can pick up our puppy?

Every puppy is completely weaned and eating hard puppy food by the time they are 5-6 weeks old. On the other hand, we require our puppies to be at least 8 weeks old to be picked up.

8. When should I have my puppy seen by a vet?

Each of our puppies come with a warranty that requires you to have your puppy checked by a vet within 72 hours (3 business days) after picking up your puppy. Your vet will need to check for any communicable diseases during that period. Your vet will also recommend a time to get follow-up "puppy shots." Most vets recommend puppies to be re-vaccinated every 2-4 weeks until 16 weeks old

9. How does the puppy selection process work?

Puppies are picked in order of deposits received. Early selection is available to those buyers who are looking for a particular color, but we do not recommend choosing a puppy by color. At 7 weeks of age, we will determine personalities (Using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test)  Though we have never had a "bad" puppy in a litter there are still distinct personality traits that we want to share with our clients.  We desire to make good matches for our clients and their new puppy.  While you are waiting to see which puppies that we recommend for you, we ask that you pick your top three selections. We will do our best to find the perfect match out of your selection

10. What does it mean to "socialize" your puppy?

Puppies go through a critical period of socialization between five and twelve weeks of age. During this period of time they mature very rapidly. If isolated from external stimuli and not exposed to the outside world, they can grow up to be fearful adult dogs. Litters of puppies raised in an isolated location such as a barn, a garage or a dog kennel often have little exposure to humans except those feeding them. If puppies never leave their confined, isolated quarters where they have been raised, they may never experience any external stimuli such as automobiles, strangers, loud noises or children running and playing. If puppies are not socialized at an early enough age, it makes little difference if they have been raised by a breeder, a private family or in a vacant building; the outcome will usually be the same. Puppies that receive little or no human handling between the ages of five and twelve weeks of age often remain fearful when exposed to new situations. Meeting their new family for the first time, the car ride to their new home, their first trip to the vet, and meeting children, strangers or other dogs for the first time can be extremely frightening for these puppies. How do we get our puppies socialized so they grow up to be well-adjusted, adult dogs that are comfortable meeting strangers, children and other dogs? The key is to make sure our puppies get exposed to everything they may ever be exposed to during their lifetime, while they are very young. Once again, the critical age of socialization is between five and twelve weeks of age. If not exposed to new situations during this critical period, your puppy may always be fearful when exposed to new things in the future. We consistently have the puppies interact with strangers and our other adult dogs. They are not confined in a cage for 24 hours a day. They are raised in our home and handled consistently by us and by several people. Every puppy that leaves us is accustomed to adult dogs, children, hair dryers, and automobiles just to mention a few. 

11. Please explain your extended health warranty.

We guarantee a puppy against any congenital defect causing death of or making necessary euthanasia until 1 year of age. If NuVet is purchased using order code #52992 so that we can track usage, then an additional 3 year warranty will be given (4 years total). If this occurs then we will replace your puppy or refund the FULL price of the puppy (minus shipping). We will not assume any veterinarian bills. 

12.What will my puppy need when I take him/her home?

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