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If you need us to board your puppy prior to 12 weeks of age, we will begin advanced training during their stay.  We offer this boarding/training/socializing extension because we realize a puppy cannot be boarded at a kennel until he receive his rabies shot.  In NC, a puppy can receive his rabies shot at 12 weeks of age. The cost for boarding/training/socializing would be $150.00 per week for 4 weeks.  We want puppies to get into their new home and bond with their person(s) as soon as possible, so we will not extend the boarding/training/socializing beyond 12 weeks of age.   During their boarding time with us, we will teach sit, come, down, off, and no. Of course everything we have taught them is futile if the new owner does not continue the training process.  Poodles are quick studies and want to learn new commands. This makes training  a poodle a fun and rewarding experience.

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