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Deposits are $300 and are only accepted after your application is approved.  The remaining balance is due on puppy pick up day or when the pup is 7 weeks of age if we are shipping.  We accept Cash (preferred), Zelle, or a cashier's check made out to Pear Tree Poodles for final payment. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT) Also, for a 3% service fee we will accept PayPal.


Deposits are accepted in good faith. The breeder is promising to hold a puppy, and the buyer is promising to keep their part of the agreement and pay for a puppy.​ We’re one of the FEW breeders who offers a refundable deposit (minus an 8% processing fee). We want you to get a dog that is the best fit for your family, and we recognize that may well be through a Humane Society or another breeder. We understand that your plans may change after you’ve placed a deposit. So we’re happy to refund a deposit at any time for any reason with one exception.


You must inform Pear Tree Poodles of this decision to postpone or fall off the litter's waiting list before the puppy is four weeks old in order to make the puppy available for other buyers. If you neglect to inform us prior to the puppy turning four weeks of age, your deposit will become non-refundable. 

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