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One of my most favorite childhood memories occurred when I was 5 years old in 1974. It was Christmas Eve and I as much as I searched for one, I could not find a present under my grandparent's tree with my name on it.  I found some with my cousins' and my sister's names on them but not one with my name on it. Later that night as the presents were being handed out, I was broken hearted to find out that there was nothing for me.  I just couldn't believe that my grandma and granddaddy had forgotten about me.  As we were getting ready to leave and I was bravely holding back my tears, my grandma stopped us and said.."Julia Anne, did we forget to put your present under the tree?" My heart skipped a beat when she headed towards the garage and brought out a wrapped box that had flaps that opened at the top.  I could hear some whimpering and when I opened up the flaps, out popped the dog that changed my life, my first toy poodle puppy.  I named her Chrissy.  


Chrissy watched me grow up, provided me with a true and honest friendship, snuggled with me when I cried, felt sorry for me when I got into trouble, and most of all tolerated all the dress up and tea parties that I held.  She was sweet, gentle, kind, and loving. I believed that she could understand human language.  I would close the door on us and tell her that I knew she could talk and I would beg her talk to me. I promised her that I would never tell anyone if she "talked".  I still smile at those memories. That was 40 years ago and I still keep that little poodle's memories close to my heart.  She impacted me so much that, after she passed away in my late teens, I thought that I could never own another poodle again.  I thought it would be dishonoring to her life to just replace her. Of course that belief did not last long, because just a few short years after she passed away, I was walking through the mall and stopped in a pet store and lo and behold, there in a cage behind a glass wall, sat a little black toy poodle.  I was newly married and my husband was enlisted in the navy and about to be deployed.  I was looking for a companion to keep me company while he was away. 


I could not resist that precious little puppy begging for me to take her home.  I knew immediately that I had found my companion and WHAT a companion I had found!  I named her Nikki.  She provided the same friendship and love that Chrissy had.  She went everywhere with me.  Nikki was my baby and quite possibly the smartest poodle I've ever known. When I started having babies of my own, I worried how Nikki would react to the changes.  She of course was amazing.  She loved my babies as much as I did. On the day she passed away, I was in the hospital having my last baby.  I came home with such terribly mixed emotions, elated with the birth of my son and devastated with the death of my Nikki.  The devastating loss of Nikki took me three years to overcome, but once I did then I couldn't stop adding poodles into my life. I saw a quote that says "poodles are like potato chips. you can't just have one" and I completely and utterly agree with it.  Currently, I have Penni and Sully. Both are have wonderful temperaments and will produce puppies with tons of spunk and personality!


The wonderful grandmother who had given me my first poodle puppy had also taught me much about poodles.  In my mid-twenties, I was able to work as a vet assistant and during that time I learned a lot about caring for dogs and other small animals. It was only natural for me to take the plunge into breeding my one of my favorite breeds. 

Each puppy that comes from Pear Tree Poodles will have the love, care, and training as our very own.  At three days old, their dew claws are removed and their tails are docked.  They are wormed regularly (every two weeks) At 6 weeks of age their life changes dramatically.  They have their first set of puppy shots, receive their microchip, and begin their socialization.  At 7 weeks old, they are taken to the vet for their final health examination.  Our puppies also have a standard 2 yr genetic health guarantee and if you choose to use NuVet we will extend the guarantee for an additional 2 years.  We believe that highly in the product.


We hope that you have learned a little more about us and we hope that you will visit our Available Puppies page to choose your next family member.  We look forward to getting to know more about you, please use our contact us page to begin the adoption process.  

Our Promise


The Standard Poodle is one of the oldest pure bred dogs. They were fully developed around the 16th century, most likey in Central Europe but it's not completely clear. The popular toy poodles and miniature poodles came to prominence hundreds of years after the standard was developed. In the early days, poodles were highly sought after for their outstanding hunting ability. In the past, they were know as "Water Dogs" because they would retrieve birds from the water all day long if asked to do so.

​Poodle Varieties & Appearance

There are three different varieties of poodle. They are (from smallest to largest) the toy, miniature, and the standard poodle. All three varieties share the same desirable characteristics.

Poodles are extraordinarily intelligent. They are known to be one of the most trainable breeds. A breed full of energy. This is a spunky, clever companion that will amuse and entertain you throughout their lifetime.


Poodles are extremely receptive to their owners. Any effort you put into training and socializing this breed will be exceedingly rewarded. Poodles are hypo-allergeric, do not shed, and make wonderful companions. If you are looking for a compatible breed for just about any home, this is the right dog for you.


Poodles are a wonderful human companion dog. Poodle owners look upon this breed as being something very special and rarely change their allegiance to any other breed of dog. In fact, the numerous desirable qualities of the poodle has allowed them to become one of the most popular of all pure bred dogs worldwide. Poodles are an extremely versatile breed who will adapt well to most household situations. Apart from being recognized as one of the most intelligent dog breeds they are also good natured, have a beautiful even temperament and thrive on human companionship. Plus they have that lovely distinctive appearance - Poodles stand out in any crowd!

When given proper puppy socialization and poodle puppy training they are a magnificent addition to any dog loving household. They are good with well-mannered, gentle children. Children should have a good knowledge of how to treat a small dog. The toy poodle can be fragile if handled incorrectly. Minis and Toys need to have a strong "pack" leader. They can dominate a situation if they feel that it is out of control. So, a strong gentle personality is highly recommended for this breed.



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